3 Tips for Prevention and Control of Indoor Air Pollution

Does your business suffer from stagnant, polluted air that poses a threat to employee health and wellness? In many commercial and industrial applications, there are multiple causes including hazardous chemicals and compounds in the air as well as inadequate humidification. Here are some helpful tips you can put to use in your workplace to curb air pollution and breathe easier!

Check Your Ventilation

First off, how is the airflow in your building? If it is uneven and stagnant air is allowed to settle, it can produce hazardous pockets in a workplace that can impact employee safety and health. To combat this, ensure your ventilation system is designed to filter air in and out of every space in the building. Replace worn-out, clogged or damaged filters, clean out areas where air comes in or out, and test your system to ensure it reaches every room. This should help to move air around more efficiently and reduce the effects of pollution gathering in specific areas, especially if used in conjunction with proper humidity control.

Remove Carpeting

It’s a known fact that carpeting in any workplace is a breeding ground for bacteria, and it’s also the perfect place for harmful compounds such as paint chips and chemical compounds to hide and slowly release toxins into the air. For example, an employee working on the production floor could easily track pollutants inside an office space if they need to step in to speak to someone or collect paperwork. Instead, mitigate the risk altogether by removing all carpeting. Your prevention and control of indoor air pollution can be boosted by opting for wood, tile or even fashionable concrete.

Proper Humidity Control and Evaporative Cooling

By far, the most effective way to reduce the presence of indoor air pollution is to filter it out and introduce fresh, clean air while managing indoor temperatures. Using an evaporative cooling system or humidifier (or both) can go a long way in making your environment a healthier and safer place to be. Proper humidity control – usually 40 to 60 percent RH in most applications – is essential to controlling airborne pollutants, and high-efficiency systems such as those by Nortec (Condair Group) are an effective way to filter them out. Combined with evaporative cooling, you can benefit from fresh air and better temperature control!

Whether you need to make some quick fixes, want to invest in a modern officer humidifier, or are curious about our innovative evaporative cooling systems, we can help. Nortec (Condair Group) is an ideal choice to enhance your prevention and control of indoor air pollution. Expect healthier, cleaner and safer working conditions with our energy efficient humidification and evaporative cooling solutions, designed for a range of commercial and industrial applications. Reach out to us today for details – we’re happy to help!


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